Friday, 14 December 2012

(I may be presumptuous in saying) the Best Christmas Present Ever, Surely!

Middle B and I went out for our annual Christmas-before-Christmas at The Hutch, where they know us so well that when we didn't order the cheese board they were surprised. (We had the Indian platter and the Tapas to share, just in case you wanted to know). It was truly yummy.  We had some hot spiced cider as well - they had to go next door to the pub and get more cider for us because they'd run out! The food was delicious (of course) and the company divine (naturally) but the best part of the evening was....
my home-made present from Middle B:

Typographical Scrabble. We know how to party.

She made me Typographical Scrabble!! The 'board' is a tea-towel, and each letter is made in a different font that begins with that letter.  She made it so that I can learn my fonts. My favourite tiles so far are the Z which is made of Zebrawood font and the Q that you can see in the picture.  She also printed a 'box' out of a tote bag and it has a totally fabulous ampersand on it.  We had a nice little game of Scrabble there and then, it was so exciting!  We even carried on through dessert.

It's ok though because the board is washable. Did I forget to mention that we're design geeks? I love my friends so much!


  1. This is brilliant! Such a pity Scrabble is copyright, as this is a great marketing idea...

    1. Isn't it! I reckon you could call it something else maybe... in any case I love it :)