Saturday, 29 December 2012

Face Off

I went for a facial with Eva, an extremely talkative Polish lady who originally sorted out my teenage acne (mumble) years ago. She is one of a dying breed of cosmeticians who were trained up long before micro-abrasions were available and dermatologists did facials, so she knows all about skin.  The facial she gave me was not one of those pampering sessions, it was a proper full on treatment. The session was about two and a half hours long and she included an eyebrow wax and a shoulder massage. While we were talking she told me about how she and her husband met, how she ended up in the States, how much she is cooking more and more traditional Polish dishes as she gets older.  She is so full of life! And now my face is too :)

While she was doing my face we talked a bit about my skin. She shared a few skin care tips and I thought I would pass them on:

-Witch hazel is a great toner, good with oily skin but not too drying

- If you have sensitive skin, organic baby head-to-toe wash is the best cleanser

- The best exfoliator is if you rub in a bit of baking soda into your cleanser and wash with it, then rinse off. It's cheap and it has no horrible preservatives.

Happy skin, hooray!

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