Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cooking Club do Christmas!

After a night out of cocktails and dancing with the girls, I hauled myself up to Julies house for some fun baking. Mr. Julie was introduced to Julie through a mutual friend, and the first time they met the three of them baked these biscuits - aw!

Stained Glass Window Biscuits

We started off by making the biscuit dough.  Mini-Julie and I mixed up with butter, flour and sugar with our hands til it had the consistency of bread crumbs, which, of course lead to me getting covered in flour. Julie then mixed in 4 tbsp golden syrup, so it ended up being pretty gooey.  We then kneaded it and rolled it out. (We had to use a lot of flour to get it to roll out properly because it's quite a damp dough, but be careful as too much flour can affect the taste of the biscuits.)

I ended up doing most of the rolling out and cutting out holes in the pastry for the 'windows', while Mini-Julie found her niche smashing up fruit sweets using a pestle and mortar.  I tried to find some clear, hard, fruit sweets at the supermarket and couldn't find any for love nor money! Scandal! In the end, I found some at Marks & Spencer.

Julie cleaned up the shapes once they were on the baking tray, put holes in the top (you can use them as Christmas tree ornaments if you like, but put a hole in the top for the string to go through) and filled in the 'windows' with the smashed up sweets.  You can just have a jumble of colour, or you can smash them up in combination - we had some green and yellow, some red and purple, amongst others.

We put them in the oven for 12 - 15 mins.  When you take them out, make sure they cool properly before you move them, the 'stained glass' needs to have time to harden up. Et Voila - tea and (very classy) biscuits!

Naturally, we finished off the afternoon with a board game.  Today it was Minotaurus, which all got a bit tactical.  Julie won with ease, with Mini-Julie coming a close second, while Mr. Julie and I battled it out for last place.  It was close, but I eventually arrived third.

Next cooking group in the new year. Feel free to give me suggestions of interesting things we could try out!

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