Monday, 12 November 2012

Um, erm, like, so, yeah...

Today, Miss R and I got talking about how these days we say the words 'like' and 'also' much more than we used to (in fact both of our mums used to tell us off for using like). You can't imagine a sentence without a 'like' in it, or 'you know', or (in my case) overuse of the word 'so'. Word fashions change - I think 'so' came in from Friends, 'I'm liking it' must come from McDonalds ads or something. My friend Roo used to make fun of my English accent by using the phrases 'henceforth' and 'post haste', usually together, which sounded like something out of Jane Austen and used to make me giggle no end. Wording also depends on context - when I'm at work and I'm dealing more with academia then I would use phrases which I wouldn't say but I write, like 'thus', 'however', 'hence', and Miss R's favourite 'the aforementioned....'. Understanding academic language is like a whole new type of slang, standards come and go, certain phrases become more in vogue than others and the way you reference things changes from one school to another so much that sometimes you have no idea what's going on.  I quite like footnotes myself (and not just in academic texts) but I think that might make up a whole post in itself.
And so to that end we had a text conversation later:

Miss R: Lovely to see you today hon, always great catching up
Me: Hence as aforementioned I love you also
Miss R: Ibid.
Me: And thus, et al
Miss R: Op. cit. me
Me: I'm glad you referenced that

This is why I love my friends, because I'm not the only person who gets all geeky about language! Now I am so off to bed, henceforth post haste.

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