Sunday, 25 November 2012

Out on the Street

M and I decided to go for a stroll along the beach today. It was windy and wet and cloudy.  I didn't mind too much, it was still beautiful. The rain gave us a chance to stop at The Forge, a little hut selling tea, doughnuts and rock oysters by the sea front. We wondered out towards Seasalter and then back down the other way towards Tankerton. The only people out were a few bedraggled families and some dog walkers.  We saw some amazing looking dogs - ones that looked like big shaggy bears, a happy one with dreads, a slightly skittish poodle, some overenthusiastic collies and a few labs. We carried on past the harbour and went on to stroll up the Street.

The Street is a little strip of land that stretches for about half a mile into the sea.  There are currents on either side. If you go right to the end you can stand in between these two currents and watch as they merge into each other.  It's made up of rocks and shells and sand. Naturally we paused to take in the view, skim a few stones (in my case more of an attempt than an actual skim) and eat some liquorice (after we'd finished having a sword fight with it. M won.). We got to the end and it was rainy and dark and the sun was setting over the blotchy grey sky. Windswept, we wandered back up to the shore. There were tiny little birds scuttling about looking for food, the crabs were running away from them into the sea as fast as they could go.

Nobody really knows how the Street came into being, though there are a few legends surrounding it: some say was a causeway for unloading goods in Roman times when the coastline was much further out.  Others say that it is all that remains of a medieval town called Graystone. Or that it is made up of lots of shells of various creatures that have washed up over years and years to form a high ledge in between the tides.  One artist had a story that it was created by a boy who fell in love with a mermaid, so they had a place for them both to live. Either way, out there in the elements, today it felt a little bit magical.

(The sunnier side of ) The Street 


  1. You make it sound magical, too. Makes me quite homesick for those big skies over the Thames Estuary...

    1. I always find it really silent at the end there, even though you're not far from land, it feels quite secluded... especially on a rainy day when there aren't many people about. The vast skies are amazing, it was the thing I missed when I was living in cities.