Tuesday, 20 November 2012

In which the First Meeting of the Deviant Sock Creature Meteor Watchers convenes and has a Jolly Good Time

Last weekend I met up with Mr and Mrs.-is-Thinking and we drove up north to meet up with some other arty friends and watch meteors. It was all very exciting! Taz and Laima fed us really yummy Russian food:

Potato pancakes for breakfast

We went for a walk around Sowerby Bridge in the morning.  It was cold and muddy and beautiful. I was a big scaredy cat and was really slow walking down certain bits but Mr. and Mrs. helped me walk through all the steep bits:

We walked past the llama farm:

Llama farm! Ok, they might be Alpacas but whatever
We also walked past a few other places of interest:


In the afternoon, we visited Hebden Bridge, home to many tiny independent shops and an amazing array of bookshops and other loveliness:

biiiiiiig cheese!

In the evening, we got together and made a collage between us.  We chopped up some old magazines and made poetry and added some embellishments:

With so many artists about it was bound to be awesome: 

We went out to the pub all dressed up in our warmest clothes, which in my case were definitely lacking somewhat.  We were intending to meet some friends and trek up the moors at about 11pm so that we could see the Leonid meteors.  Taz made us coffee with a gas stove before we left:

In the end, it was too cloudy and rainy, so we went home to bed and woke up for 5am so that we could get onto the moors for about 6am which was the peak of the meteor shower. We went to a secluded spot and stared at the sky for ages until the sun came up. I saw a couple of shooting stars, it was so beautiful.  

Meanwhile back at the flat, the sock creatures had a little reunion of their own:

Finally, after a nose around Halifax and an pretty enormous Sunday lunch, we managed to rescue the car from the car park that was about to be locked up, and we packed up and drove 300 miles back down south:

It was a really lovely weekend, and I'm quite sure that we will get together again for some major meteor showers next year.  Whether we actually watch meteors is not really the point, but it's a good excuse to all hang out, and if we end up seeing some shooting stars, then all the better.

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