Monday, 5 November 2012

Breathing Space

Everything has been pretty up in the air for a while and now I'm trying to let everything settle and get some rest.  I haven't been feeling my best recently, luckily I've got some pretty amazing people in my life who make it all better.  Some such people are Fairy Princess Mummy and the family, with whom I had a very relaxing sleep over weekend. We watched Brave with the Fairy Princesses (which I loved!) and later on once the kiddies had gone to bed we watched Safety Not Guaranteed which was suggested by FP Daddy (a definite hit with all three of us).  We also took some time during to day to pop to the Gallery to have a play in a fabulous interactive exhibit by Maria Nepomuceno called Breathing Time.

Cover me! I'm going in!

Lots of things to touch...

....and listen to...

....and play inside

The people at the museum said the the exhibit will keep on growing, bits will be added on to it every now and then.  While I love looking at paintings, I do really like art that you can climb on and play with! I know the Fairy Princesses certainly did.


  1. Safety Not Guaranteed was one of my favorite movies of the summer! I hope you're feeling better!

    1. Thanks very much Euphoria Girl, I'm sure it'll all get better soon. Yeah, I loved the film - it was so quirky and charming! It turns out the FP Daddy has very interesting taste in films, so I'm looking forward to getting more recommendations - I'll pass them on