Friday, 30 November 2012

High Hopes

I saw this graffiti on a toilet door today, it lifted my heart:

well read graffiti :)

The origin of this quote is here, from Neil Gaiman's Journal.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Game playing

Conversation between M and I the other day:

Me: ....and then as we were walking to the pub, when we were up north, I lost one of my domino earrings. It made me sad.  But they were made by Middle B, so I'll just ask her if she has another pair that I could buy.

M: If she doesn't you could just wear the one, couldn't you? Maybe find something else to pair it up with?

Me: Like a chess piece or something. 

M: Or a whole roulette wheel.

Me: Ha ha.  Or a playing card.

M: Which playing card would you choose?

Me: Oh,.... I don't know....I hadn't thought about that.

M: It'd be Queen of Hearts.  Definitely.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Out on the Street

M and I decided to go for a stroll along the beach today. It was windy and wet and cloudy.  I didn't mind too much, it was still beautiful. The rain gave us a chance to stop at The Forge, a little hut selling tea, doughnuts and rock oysters by the sea front. We wondered out towards Seasalter and then back down the other way towards Tankerton. The only people out were a few bedraggled families and some dog walkers.  We saw some amazing looking dogs - ones that looked like big shaggy bears, a happy one with dreads, a slightly skittish poodle, some overenthusiastic collies and a few labs. We carried on past the harbour and went on to stroll up the Street.

The Street is a little strip of land that stretches for about half a mile into the sea.  There are currents on either side. If you go right to the end you can stand in between these two currents and watch as they merge into each other.  It's made up of rocks and shells and sand. Naturally we paused to take in the view, skim a few stones (in my case more of an attempt than an actual skim) and eat some liquorice (after we'd finished having a sword fight with it. M won.). We got to the end and it was rainy and dark and the sun was setting over the blotchy grey sky. Windswept, we wandered back up to the shore. There were tiny little birds scuttling about looking for food, the crabs were running away from them into the sea as fast as they could go.

Nobody really knows how the Street came into being, though there are a few legends surrounding it: some say was a causeway for unloading goods in Roman times when the coastline was much further out.  Others say that it is all that remains of a medieval town called Graystone. Or that it is made up of lots of shells of various creatures that have washed up over years and years to form a high ledge in between the tides.  One artist had a story that it was created by a boy who fell in love with a mermaid, so they had a place for them both to live. Either way, out there in the elements, today it felt a little bit magical.

(The sunnier side of ) The Street 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

In which the First Meeting of the Deviant Sock Creature Meteor Watchers convenes and has a Jolly Good Time

Last weekend I met up with Mr and Mrs.-is-Thinking and we drove up north to meet up with some other arty friends and watch meteors. It was all very exciting! Taz and Laima fed us really yummy Russian food:

Potato pancakes for breakfast

We went for a walk around Sowerby Bridge in the morning.  It was cold and muddy and beautiful. I was a big scaredy cat and was really slow walking down certain bits but Mr. and Mrs. helped me walk through all the steep bits:

We walked past the llama farm:

Llama farm! Ok, they might be Alpacas but whatever
We also walked past a few other places of interest:

In the afternoon, we visited Hebden Bridge, home to many tiny independent shops and an amazing array of bookshops and other loveliness:

biiiiiiig cheese!

In the evening, we got together and made a collage between us.  We chopped up some old magazines and made poetry and added some embellishments:

With so many artists about it was bound to be awesome: 

We went out to the pub all dressed up in our warmest clothes, which in my case were definitely lacking somewhat.  We were intending to meet some friends and trek up the moors at about 11pm so that we could see the Leonid meteors.  Taz made us coffee with a gas stove before we left:

In the end, it was too cloudy and rainy, so we went home to bed and woke up for 5am so that we could get onto the moors for about 6am which was the peak of the meteor shower. We went to a secluded spot and stared at the sky for ages until the sun came up. I saw a couple of shooting stars, it was so beautiful.  

Meanwhile back at the flat, the sock creatures had a little reunion of their own:

Finally, after a nose around Halifax and an pretty enormous Sunday lunch, we managed to rescue the car from the car park that was about to be locked up, and we packed up and drove 300 miles back down south:

It was a really lovely weekend, and I'm quite sure that we will get together again for some major meteor showers next year.  Whether we actually watch meteors is not really the point, but it's a good excuse to all hang out, and if we end up seeing some shooting stars, then all the better.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Just to say....

This is not a real post, but just to say that I am going up north this weekend with Mr and Mrs.-is-Thinking to watch meteors and carry on knitting the periodic blanket of elements.  Why yes, I am quite geeky, in case you hadn't noticed already but luckily for me that's fashionable right now.  I will report on our star-gazing adventures when I get back.  Til then I will leave you with an awesome print that I couldn't resist - ampersands and foxes in one picture?! (you can get this and other charming prints and t-shirts here)
Have a lovely weekend, y'all.

Ampertastic Mr Fox by Sock Monkee

Monday, 12 November 2012

Um, erm, like, so, yeah...

Today, Miss R and I got talking about how these days we say the words 'like' and 'also' much more than we used to (in fact both of our mums used to tell us off for using like). You can't imagine a sentence without a 'like' in it, or 'you know', or (in my case) overuse of the word 'so'. Word fashions change - I think 'so' came in from Friends, 'I'm liking it' must come from McDonalds ads or something. My friend Roo used to make fun of my English accent by using the phrases 'henceforth' and 'post haste', usually together, which sounded like something out of Jane Austen and used to make me giggle no end. Wording also depends on context - when I'm at work and I'm dealing more with academia then I would use phrases which I wouldn't say but I write, like 'thus', 'however', 'hence', and Miss R's favourite 'the aforementioned....'. Understanding academic language is like a whole new type of slang, standards come and go, certain phrases become more in vogue than others and the way you reference things changes from one school to another so much that sometimes you have no idea what's going on.  I quite like footnotes myself (and not just in academic texts) but I think that might make up a whole post in itself.
And so to that end we had a text conversation later:

Miss R: Lovely to see you today hon, always great catching up
Me: Hence as aforementioned I love you also
Miss R: Ibid.
Me: And thus, et al
Miss R: Op. cit. me
Me: I'm glad you referenced that

This is why I love my friends, because I'm not the only person who gets all geeky about language! Now I am so off to bed, henceforth post haste.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Blogs I Appreciate

I don't have anything remotely entertaining that you need to know about, so instead I thought I would pass on some people who are entertaining me and generally being awesome in the land of blog:

Join Euphoria Girl as she battles pink robots and gets up to other geeky shenanigans in Austin, Texas. For her more musically minded adventures have a look here.

If you need a bit of positivity and mushiness, this is the best place for it.

Where quirky, fun, whimsical artyness happens every Monday.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Breathing Space

Everything has been pretty up in the air for a while and now I'm trying to let everything settle and get some rest.  I haven't been feeling my best recently, luckily I've got some pretty amazing people in my life who make it all better.  Some such people are Fairy Princess Mummy and the family, with whom I had a very relaxing sleep over weekend. We watched Brave with the Fairy Princesses (which I loved!) and later on once the kiddies had gone to bed we watched Safety Not Guaranteed which was suggested by FP Daddy (a definite hit with all three of us).  We also took some time during to day to pop to the Gallery to have a play in a fabulous interactive exhibit by Maria Nepomuceno called Breathing Time.

Cover me! I'm going in!

Lots of things to touch...

....and listen to...

....and play inside

The people at the museum said the the exhibit will keep on growing, bits will be added on to it every now and then.  While I love looking at paintings, I do really like art that you can climb on and play with! I know the Fairy Princesses certainly did.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

They're Alive!!

I was going down the footpath from work and noticed that people on the path seemed to have a lot more personality suddenly:

It started simply enough...

A bit naughty!

A bit corporate...

A bit chilly.

A bit dashing.

A bit dark.

A bit cool.

and my favourite is Harry Potter, obviously:

A bit magic.
I have no idea who bestowed the personality to the people, but whoever you are I think you're delightful.