Friday, 5 October 2012

The End of Rising is Falling, the End of Meeting is Parting

After a few deliberations back and forth about the fate of this little lady, last week we were told that the kitty would not be staying after all.  A few days ago, I found her a good home with someone I know who already has a cat.  I gathered her things together but couldn't find the cat basket anywhere.  I asked one of  my flatmates about it and bizarrely enough, the lady who left her on our doorstep originally, came back for her basket unbeknownst to me. So said flatmate came with me to hold the cat and make sure she didn't climb everywhere, and also so that he could give me directions (first time without a satnav, eeek!).  She looked pretty scared when we got there, but she was quite still and eventually started purring, so I think she likes her new owner and will enjoy it all once she settles in.

It was a pretty weird feeling coming home and not going straight to stroke the cat. I've been spending a lot of time with her and really enjoyed her company.  She used to nuzzle me as I worked on the computer, and climb on me, and lick my fingers, and touch her nose to mine, and sometimes she'd even put a paw on my face very gently. I'll miss her chattering when she thought no-one was listening - if you said her name she would turn round suddenly and start to wash as if to say, 'Me? talking to myself? never'. I'll miss finding her in really random places - she'd come trotting out asking if I was going to feed her, as though it was entirely natural for her to be inside one of the shelves in the wardrobe. I'll miss having unobtrusive company while I'm cooking, or a warm purring body on my lap while I'm reading. Most of all though, I'll miss the unconditional love of a kitty who was always happy to see me, always happy to be picked up and always happy to snuggle.  Today, I'm a little bit heartbroken.


  1. I hope Kitty will be very happy in her new home - but I'll be thinking of you, as you adapt back to a cat-less life after this happy patch of feline company. So sorry you couldn't keep her, as it sounds as if the two of you were a great match. What was the problem? - expense, house rules, allergic people?

  2. One of the residents was really unhappy about having her there, there was a bit of miscommunication about it which is still being ironed out. It does say no pets in our rental contract and there was an issue about money since technically she wasn't anyones pet in particular, so I understand, but it was all a bit sad. I think she'll be happy where she is though :)

  3. sweet feline love. nothing like it. hope the heartbreak heals with lots of human love & cuddles. xox

    1. Thanks! Love is always good, no matter who it's from xx