Monday, 8 October 2012

Leaves Turning

I love the smell of autumn, that slightly earthy, rainy smell that makes me want to wrap up warm and jump in piles of leaves... and sit inside by the fire with a book afterwards.  I loved having a warm summer this year, but I find it refreshing when the season changes.  And changing it is - the leaves are turning and falling off the trees gradually, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder.  It was crisp when I woke up this morning and I realised that I have a hankering for big, cosy knitwear rather than the t-shirts and cardies of a couple of weeks ago.  On Saturday, my hands got cold enough to notice for the first time this year and M had to lend me his (oversized) gloves to keep warm while going for a stroll.  But most of all I notice my body wanting soups and stews and roasted veg.  I popped into my greengrocers, the shop of wonder and delight, and they had loads of beautiful root vegetables which made my heart happy.  Amongst them I spotted these:

Orange beetroot! Yippee!

I had to go and ask the man behind to counter to check, but they are orange beetroot.  He seemed to think that they don't taste much different from normal beetroot, but I'm sure I'll investigate at some point soon, probably by roasting them. Now all I have to do is find my gloves.

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