Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Happenings

This weekend I went off the visit the lovely Mr and Mrs-is-Thinking. All sorts of exciting things happened:
I got to see Mandarin Ducks in the lake, I'm told that they are quite common in Britain but I've never seen them before:

Mandarin ducks

I got to do a ridiculous amount of shopping in the Korean food shop and in Lush:

I got to eat vast quantities of cheese that they brought back from recent travels to France:

Mr.-is got a blazing fire going for us (with a blow torch...):

And most excitingly I carved my first ever halloween pumpkin!
The first thing to do was to carve off the top, and keep it so that it makes a lid.

Then, we emptied the gunk from inside with a spoon (I had the aid of a melon baller, which was quite handy) and made air holes in the lid with an apple corer:

Then we started carving.  Mine was pretty traditional, being my first one, but the others were a bit more original:

Mrs. Im made a puffer fish:

Behold, the pumpkin puffer fish

While Mr.-is got a bit of text speak in there:

Here are the three of them playing happily:

And more happily as the night wears on:

Drunky pumpkin always has a good time

It was so much fun! I'm looking fwd to next halloween already!

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