Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Coffee Trippin'

I go into Nero in town when I want to curl up with a book. The other day, I got chatting to one of the girls behind the counter who has a bit of a foreign accent, and it turns out she is from Romania.  I've never been, but she said it was delightful and I should clearly go and visit.  I asked if it was expensive and she said compared to Bulgaria it was quite expensive but not too bad... a flight would be less than £150 return and not too pricey once we get there.  I said 'oh that sounds exciting!' in the way that I do, and then the other girl piped up and said we should clearly all go to Romania, and we started planning our trip about going to the mountains and drinking coffee and going to see castles and all sorts of other stuff.

So then I popped in today for a coffee and the same girls were working.  With no preamble whatsoever the blond one said '.... and we still haven't gone to Romania!'  I said 'Well, it was only a week ago that we started planning to be fair', to which she replied, 'I thought we were having a work trip there! I think we should just get on with it and go.'  At which point the Romanian lady cracked up, and the people I was with said, 'So are these friends of yours then?' and then I had to confess that I've only talked to them once. During which we scheduled a trip to a foreign country. Er, yeah. So, anyway, I wonder how much holidays to Romania would be at this time of year......


  1. There are many reasons why I think you are wonderful, this is just one :)

    1. Thanks, Gill! You're pretty wonderful yourself x