Monday, 10 September 2012

The Words on the Street

This weekend was the opening of the Beaney (which used to be known as the library before it was renovated). There were lots of happenings around the place in celebration.  The Beaney itself had a grand opening which involved lots of people creating art and participating in activities. I was happy to see that it still has a lot of the old collections what were housed in the library, but still has lots of new and exciting exhibits, including a Cabinet of Curiosities. I was also happy to see that they kept lots of the original features of the building, like the magnificent doors and the tiled floor in the entrance, and yet also managed to make it feel modern and airy. I really like the renovations so far. I celebrated all this by getting out two library books. Hooray.

Cabinet of Curiosities at the Beaney

As part of the weekend, the Wise Words Festival was happening all round town: there were people in random historical costumes gracing the streets, a teepee in the Dane John with poetry and story telling, poetry slams in the middle of the high street, living libraries and lots more excitingness. It was such a lovely atmosphere in town. To round it all off, M and I went to the outdoor cinema set up in the Greyfriars garden powered by bikes. Yes, bikes! They had to have three people cycling throughout the film or the power would fail.  People were very graceful and took turns cycling so the power stayed on for the film, and long enough to power to mic for the Q & A with the director.

bike power!

Outdoor cinema in the Greyfriars

Lucky for us the organisers provided blankets, and luckily for me, M provided a big, warm jumper, because it was like a sauna when I left the house and I couldn't imagine getting cold, and so obvioulsy had not dressed for the occasion. Unfortunately the weather was not with me on this one cause not only did it get cold it also got a bit windy and they had to rescue the screen from falling over. Once that technical hitch was resolved, it was a fun little screening. Afterwards, we went into Ask for a coffee to warm up and then for a stroll into the star-strewn night. M very gallantly let me keep his jumper to walk home in, so I stayed snug all the way home.

It seems to have been a summer for street happenings, I hope this beautiful community spirity carries on through the rest of the year.

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