Tuesday, 11 September 2012

In Which we Encounter an Unexpected Visitor

Whatever I was expecting to happen today, I did not expect this.
My flatmate had just left the house when she came back into the office: 'Change of plan, you're not doing designwork, you're babysitting.' Someone left a yowling cat in a basket out the front with some cat food and a note. It turns out she is called Tinkerbell, she's a pretty small, healthy tabby. It looks like her owners took good care of her but the note said that her circumstances have changed and she needs a new home. She was pretty scared to begin with, but I kept her on my lap for a bit and let her roam around the kitchen and get used to the smells and she's now jumping all over the place and licking my fingers and rubbing her nose against mine.


Tinkerbell 'helps' me on the computer

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