Wednesday, 26 September 2012

In Which I Discover that my Car has More Discerning Music Taste than Me (Which is Not That Hard)

So it turns out that my car, Tabitha, has really particular taste in music. At first I thought it was just certain discs, but actually, sometimes she plays some things and sometimes not.  And sometimes nothing at all. Sometimes Billie Holiday is just the thing.  But other days, it's Hey Ocean or nothing.  She quite likes First Aid Kit, but very rarely Pet Shop Boys.  And she'll play Foo Fighters for Middle B, but not for me. It's all quite whimsical (though probably not that surprising that she is quirky since she is mine). Middle B took drove her home to visit her parents and when she came back she exclaimed, 'she's quite an indie kid, isn't she?'.

One day I was giving my flatmate a lift across town and a 1960's mod mix was playing quite happily, we were cruising along just fine and all of a sudden, mid song, the CD ejects. Both of us looked at the radio and then at each other and shrugged. She pushed the CD back in the slot but the car just wasn't having any of it.  More recently the car has taken to thinking about it for a bit before she plays, so the result is that I'll be going along for a few minutes convinced there will be no music when suddenly it starts up, usually mid song, and scares the living daylights out of me! And let's face it, you don't want to be jumping a foot in the air while driving.

So today, I was driving back from the class I teach on a Tuesday night, it was dark, a bit chilly, the weather is turning now for sure.  I tried a few discs before I set off, but the car wasn't playing nice so I just had them on the seat next to me and tried each of them a few times when I was at the traffic lights and such like.  I honestly went through all of them at least twice and in the end I didn't even know what I was putting in there, I was just trying random CDs to see if she would play anything, anything at all.  Anyway, after what seemed like an aeon, but was probably only about 10 minutes, the car could see that I was just going to keep trying discs, so finally suddenly she obliged with a bit of Van Morrison. A few minutes from home there was some splendid lightning, and by the time I was on the home stretch it had started raining.  A few minutes from home the rain suddenly started tipping it down, which was about the time 'And It Stoned Me' came on.... oh the water, oh the water indeed.

I have gotten a CD head cleaner type thing to see if it all just needs a good clean.  There's part of me that quite likes the idea of some serendipity, so it will be a shame to fix it.  But on the other hand, those drives home are going to get darker and colder, and since I'm alone with no company, I'd quite like something to sing to at least.  Here's hoping at least some of her whimsical ways continue.


  1. My indoor cd player did this for a while before it died. First it objected to Scottish folk music, then to anything at all with a bass line, then to classical. For a while I could still listen to ambient sound recordings (rainforest noises, dawn choruses of Britain, etc) but then it gave up on them too. Mind you, I didn't know there was such a thing as a cd head cleaner. Maybe I can still save it? Machine is currently in box under my bed as there is no room for it at the inn, and I am listening to music on my ancient cd walkman and dodgy headphone. Hope you get your music woes sorted out soon!

    1. Oh so it's not just me then! I remember back in the day when I listened to CDs on a player that I used to get fluff and all sorts of stuff stuck in them and we did have a CD head cleaner around the place. I think these days they might be called lens cleaners? I got mine from Amazon, I'll let you know how it all works out!