Sunday, 22 July 2012

Art and the Sea Air

Yesterday, I finally got to see the lovely Fairy Princess Mummy after a crazy few weeks for both of us. It was tipping it down when I left, but by the time I stepped off the train it was blue skies all the way. I had some time with the whole family over lunch, which is always exciting, given that FP Daddy makes yummy food and the Fairy Princesses themselves are adorable (and also very cheeky!).  After that FP Mummy and I went into town for a long awaited gander at the Turner Contemporary which, to my shame, I have never yet been to.

Outside of the museum

View from the Turner
We looked around the Tracey Emin exhibit 'She lay down deep beneath the sea'. I liked the spontaneous feeling it evoked and at the same time I really admired the workmanship on the stitching... and I did like all the sprawling, naked women, but I have to admit that after a while I was quite happy to look at her other work too.

One of the things that I'd really been looking forward to seeing was The Kiss by Rodin.  I wasn't disappointed!
The Kiss - by the seaside
We had a good old natter, it was wonderful to catch up.  After the museum, we had a stroll around the Old Town.  It's got a lovely quirky feel to it.  FP Mummy pointed out the stencils / graffiti about the place which I love.

Well, of course I'd like this one

After looking about the place for a bit we popped into a teeny tiny art gallery that is only open on the weekends (and also gives out wine and nibbles!) and into Rough Trade to see all the vintage quirkyness going on in there. We just about had some time to dive into a charity shop and try on some hats before our parking ran out.

After a quick drink at the station I waved goodbye, promised I'd text when I got home safe (she is a mummy after all!) and jumped on the train home.  This was such a well needed day out with someone wonderful... Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!


  1. Love the stencil art! I always enjoy walking around and spotting new interesting things including art :)



    1. Me too, Marielle! There's some really inspiring graffiti round here x