Thursday, 19 July 2012


Today, the Olympic Torch was coming through town, so M and I strolled down to watch it.  I'm pretty indifferent to the Olympics on the whole, I can take them or leave them really, but I have really enjoyed the street party atmosphere that spilled over from the Royal Wedding last year and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year.  Crowds were out, as was the sun, for the bearers of the torch as they jogged through Palace St and up past the Cathedral.

Apart from the torch itself coming through there were a lot of other things happening around town.  We were regaled by Morris dancers as we were having tea:

Then we wandered down the street and milled about for a while. Occasionally someone would cheer as a warden or someone on a bike rode past. There was much flag waving and excitement.  Finally we got a glimpse of the torch on it's way past.  It was much smaller than I thought it would be (as was the man carrying it....):

There was still quite a lovely atmosphere afterwards, lots of people in the street chatting, children running about and everybody having a good time.  We strolled towards the theatre and encountered some more folky-ness:

These guys had great rhythm, it was really fun to watch all the little kids (and a few adults) dancing around completely uninhibited in the sunshine.

We got away from the noise for a while and went to the orchard by the river.  We wiled away a few hours by chatting and watching the tourists go by on the boats that tour the river.  We just managed to dodge the rain into a cafe for a bit before we left for home. As we strolled back through the back roads and over bridges, past the wildflowers and through the graveyard, I was reminded of how beautiful it is here and how lucky I am.

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