Saturday, 9 June 2012

Some days are like that...

So this week I:
- Lost one of my favourite earrings on the way to a very posh work do (I felt so underdressed. I wished I'd put an extra pair in my handbag just in case.  Then when I got home I emptied my posh handbag and realised there were another pair in there. sigh.)
- Threw champagne down myself at the very posh work do (I don't think anyone saw me, and then we went into a dark room for a presentation, so I think I might have got away with it.....maybe....)
- Nearly set fire to my bed (damn you, hair straighteners. There are actually scorch marks on my duvet cover)
- Left my toothbrush behind when I spent the night at Mr & Mrs-is-thinking (It was my travel toothbrush. I have another one, just in case you're worried about my dental hygiene)
- Exploded my phone (oh alright, not quite, but it did stop working and I had to borrow an old handset from Mrs Im.  It started working again as soon as I got home. Bah!)

But it's ok, everything will be alright, because Immy and Mr-is-Thinking gave me this:

now all is well with the world. yay.

Yeah, a 1kg 1kg! tub of organic, fair trade, instant hot chocolate. Really! Miss H nearly fainted when she saw it. Now, I just have to figure out how to get the lid off without sending everything on the work-top flying....

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