Thursday, 24 May 2012

Seven little days

This week has been full to the brim with excitingness!

Last Friday, three of us piled in the car at 6am and set off for Manjushri Centre for the Spring Festival.  Or should I say the Winter festival, because it was definitely pretty cold at night, and as usual I didn't pack quite enough clothes. Apart from that, it was lovely.  The festival was pretty small this year, at only 1,500 people, so there was plenty of space and hardly any queues.  It is run by volunteers so most people sign up for a job while they are there - most years I end up doing something to do with food (quell surprise!) and this year I was heading one of the teams serving supper.  It's generally a nice job, because, hey, everyone loves the person who brings them food....or most of the time at least.  I haven't had a Green Tara empowerment for a while, but she's one of the Buddhas that I connect to most and the energy during the ceremony was restorative - just what I needed! The teachings and meditations were truly wonderful, I'm always inspired by the festival atmosphere to put them into practice more. I met some great people from all over the world - one lady invited me to visit her in Finland! I managed not to spend too much money as well, though I did buy the World Peace Cafe, Hong Kong cookbook which I'm quite excited to try out. By the time we came back on Monday, I really felt like my batteries had been recharged.

The venerable lady, Green Tara

Yesterday, after work I hotfooted it down to Covent Garden to meet my mum and my cousin Michal who is over from Israel for a few days and her friend Neil.  It was really great to see her!  As we both get older, I realise how much we have in common.  If we lived in the same city, or even the same country, we would probably hang out quite a lot.  She has been travelling for a while and spent some time in various parts of Africa and she has also been doing some interesting peace work.  She takes beautiful photos and writes poetry.  The reason she was in the UK was because her work has been exhibited in the Ben Uri Gallery in London and she won an award for it so she came over for the award ceremony - so exciting! Can I just make it quite clear that I knew her before she was famous.  Really.  So once my sister and her boyfriend had turned up we had dinner at Food for Thought, a teeny tiny vegetarian place on Neals St. I had the Vietnamese Stew which was delicious, and I managed not to buy a cookbook. A great time was had by all, and I suspect that I may end up going there again...

Yummy yum yum
And then last, but definitely not least,  I managed to pass my driving test today.  Yes, really.  After all this time! My driving instructor was delighted, I'm going to do pass plus with him so hopefully it will have sunk in by then.  Now all I have to do is get tax and insurance and I'm ready to go.  Watch out, people!

What a week, eh!