Sunday, 6 May 2012

Milkshakes and Mallards

The other day, well, a while ago, Miss H's friend Alan happened to be around the house wearing a very nice t-shirt.  The legend said 'I drink your milkshake'.  I got quite excited about the typography they had used, because I'm geeky like that, and then realised I had no idea what that phrase means.  I asked about it, and he explained that it was a quote from There Will Be Blood, but he was happy that I had asked.

A few days later it occurred to me that M liked the film, so I asked Miss H to ask Alan where he got the t-shirt from, for future birthday or Christmas ideas.  It turned out that he had no idea where he'd gotten it from.  That made me a bit sad.  But then he said that he would just give me the shirt, and then he had an excuse to buy a new t-shirt.  I looked at him slightly incredulously, and filed it in my head under things that people say on the spur of the moment and promptly forgot it all.  Then I told him a stupid story about some boy ducks (mallards, I think?) chasing a girl duck, and the girl duck getting all cross and me hovering in the background wondering if I would have to do an intervention to stop the abuse. And that was that.

Until Miss H knocked on my door a couple of days ago and gave me the t-shirt. I was surprised and delighted and it reminded me that people are really kind and that Alan, in particular, is quite fantastic. Maybe I should tell stupid stories about ducks more often.

They even remembered a full stop. Classy.

So the question now is: Do I give this to M? Or do I keep it for myself?


  1. "So the question now is: Do I give this to M? Or do I keep it for myself?"

    Thought a: does M read the blog?

    Thought b: would sharing work?

    Thought c: fab design :)

    Thought d: Alan def. sounds fantastic

    1. a) I don't think so. Maybe occasionally.
      b) Sharing is an option I hadn't thought of....
      c) Yes! Yes, indeed.
      d) Alan is fantastic, it's true. The t-shirt was really neatly folded with no creases, and smells of fabric conditioner. I was amazed! This is much better condition than me or M will keep it no doubt.