Thursday, 3 May 2012

For Fukushima, with Love

I am participating in a project at the moment called 100 Artworks from the World for Fukushima.  It was an idea dreamt up by Chiyuky Itoga, an artist in Japan.  Here are her words:

March 11, 2011, it had big earthquake and Tsunami in Japan as you know.
Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima 3 provice were got huge damaged, espacialy by tsunami.
Re-establishment has not done as our exspection, many escaped people live tentative house, and not back to their house.

This project is for Fukushima resitents people, I think.
Somebody have been ordered to escape from their house by government.
Somebody have lived separated familiy, because to remove their children from radioactive pollution.
Somebody have lived in Fukushima, but, actualy they want to leave there even though fear about radioactive pollution.

I have no word to tell them.
I live in Tokyo, maybe safer than Fukushima, maybe.
I'm just artist, impossible to stop radioactive, to donate big money, to clean up there.
I don't have no power.
I just do it, make them smile and heart warming by your art.
The world care about them, I want to tell them.
It's purpose of the project.

She started off trying to get 100 works of art, now she has over 400 people on the facebook group from all over the world, all of whom have contributed at least one piece of art.  It's been a beautiful project to work on - I like the idea that my doodling will be going somewhere meaningful, warming hearts that need warmth.

This is a collaboration with Mrs Im:

and then I did a couple myself:

The works will be exhibited from June 1st - 30th at Rock Cafe, Nishiogi, Tokyo, Japan. Then from
21 July - 18 August in Mianmi soma, City Central Library.  From 18 August, "Kangaeru-Shiro Kan", Kawauchi mura. We'll be internationally exhibited artists! Woo!

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