Monday, 23 April 2012

In which Old Friends are Encountered and everyone Rejoices

Recently I've been running into and reconnecting with various people from my past.  (Not literally, though I am quite clumsy so it's bound to happen one day.)  I bumped into an old friend in a coffee shop the other day and had a good natter.  A couple of separate people contacted me on facebook who I haven't heard from in ages. And also, some good friends of mine got in touch and said they were coming by this weekend.

I met Bendy in my first year of Uni when we both worked for a secret organisation. (If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Joking.  Honestly.)  The first time I met him he had a rubber chicken and didn't say very much. Which should have had some mysterious allure or something, but we were at the bar, and I don't remember very much, so my main impressions were a bit hazy.  But suffice to say we got to know each other and eventually lived in a shared house together in my fourth year.  We had many fun times watching Spaced and having competitions about who could fit in the kitchen sink and seeing how many things we could balance on Bendy's head and dancing around with the Bear in the Big Blue House and all sitting round the kitchen table reading the paper together.

I was a bit nervous when I first met Jamface because Bendy is amazing and I really wanted him to get together with someone who didn't squish his quirky goodness into some sort of bland normality.  Instead, he got together with someone who is just as amazing as he is.  When they told me they were getting married, I was so ridiculously happy!  Both of them are librarians, so the wedding was held in the Town Hall and the reception was, naturally, in the Old Library downstairs. Jamface is very crafty and hand made all the wedding invites, designed her own Victorian themed dress and made the bridesmaids Regency style dresses as well.  She sews and knits and paints and now she has an allotment as well.  ("I call it Lottie. I tell Bendy I'm just going down to see Lottie") Soon, she'll be making jam, not just eating it. She is nothing short of a crafty marvel.

The wedding was fairly much the last time I saw them, which was quite a while ago now, so I was really excited when they said they were visiting, and desperately hoped that it wouldn't rain all the time at least. They came on down this weekend, and I got to have lunch with them on Sunday (We had soup and the cheeseboard.  Quell surprise!) and a stroll about town, past the crazy antiques shop that is only open for a few hours once every three Saturdays and the big leaning house (It's mentioned in Dickens, don't you know) and generally had a catch up.  Jamface notices fabric and wallpaper and clothing more than I do so it was lovely to to chat to people who know what I mean when I go on about this print or that mix of colours.  They both recommended me blogs and books.  We discussed which Doctor was the best.  We decided that we should clearly meet up in London and go to Liberty.  (And then go and actually buy fabric in Goldhawk Rd which is much more affordable but equally as lovely). And we should also go to the V&A.  And we should also knit in many exciting places. And go and see the Harry Potter studio.  And a few other things.

The next day, we met for breakfast.  Let me say now that I adore going out for breakfast. I might have lunch with anybody and dinner with anybody, but I never meet anyone for breakfast unless I really like them. We met at 10am this morning and had a long leisurely breakfast, with two rounds of tea, and mostly discussed old friends and new music, and whether they were going to make me a mix tape or a mix cd ("Yeah tapes are great, but when I put on some 10 minute avant garde track on there, at least on a cd, she can just skip it."). Then we went for an explore round some charity shops and into the sewing shop, where Jamface got herself some lovely fat quarters to make exciting things from. It was really inspiring talking about all our arts and crafts, it got me thinking about loads of projects that I could start.  (Once I've finished the Periodic Blanket of Elements of course.) Then as the day was getting on a bit, I just had time to point out a couple of beautiful views, and then it was time for the lovely couple to get themselves to the station.  With a heavy heart, I waved at them as the train pulled away from the station.  Still, there are plenty more charity shops to explore and views to see, so hopefully they'll be back. I hope we don't leave it too long this time.


  1. Yay from friendships, and for Mrs Fox, Bendy & Jamface. xxxxx

    1. Wish you could have been there, Tiny! We should all come over and see you one day xx