Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Grass glistens in the sunlight

Today has been a beautiful day.  I started off the day with peanut butter and beetroot on toast, a combination given to me by the lovely M, which has become one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast.  Especially with crunchy peanut butter.  He uses pickled beetroot, which I've yet to test out, I use boiled beetroot which is a little sweeter. Yum.

Then I had quite a good driving lesson, and paid a visit to my little car.  My driving instructor suggested that it's a housewifey sort of a car and that I should call her Marge or Madge, which I think is great - I will get her a tartan picnic blanket for the back seat and some fluffy dice and one of those pine fresh air-fresheners. You know, in an ironic kind of way.  Actually, more because I like blankets and fluffy things and nice smelling cars. 

Then the afternoon I went into town to meet M and we had a coffee, well I had a coffee and he waited for me to finish because I take about an aeon to drink anything.  Then I steered M round the corner and we popped into the bookshop to pick up a copy of the Moomins cook book which the lovely lady, Claire, who works there ordered in for me.  We had a chat about it when I was ordering the Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes cookbook and when I came back she recognised me and asked if I was going to order the Moomins cookbook and so I did and then we chatted about many, many books and I came away with a whole list of reading recommendations, and the idea that I should maybe form a book club because it would be really fun.  So today when I came in I was supposed to pick up the book from downstairs but she went and got it for me because I'm special.  (In so many ways....) 

We picked up the book, and then we strolled past the Dane John and on through Wincheap and up round towards the boys school.  We stopped and looked out over the railway bridge, while M told me stories of his misspent youth.  We walked down little lanes and pathways and had a stop to look out over the fields and the orchards - the sun was shining quite particularly, every blade of grass was slightly illuminated, it looked like there were fireflies buzzing about slightly as the grass rippled in the wind. We went past a field of bulls, munching grass quite stoically, and M said that those massive bulls give him the urge to give them a good old slap on the rump. I could see what he meant, those bulls had pretty big behinds. We reached the boys school and M had a total trip down memory lane and told me lots of stories from when he was a school, and pointed out places that he used to go, and bits they had added on. I got a bit cold and M gallantly gave me his warm, snuggly jumper to put on.  (Admittedly both of us are still a bit germy from colds and have both been coughing and sniffling all day, but we've already smooshed our germs together by hanging out and sharing water bottles, so neither of us were too concerned about me contaminating his jumper further). Then we wound our way back through all the little streets, with the beautiful Victorian houses, and loads of blossoms falling from the trees.  We overheard someone practising their violin and M said hello to quite a few cats.  He is the cat whisperer! Really!  All the shy cats talk to him, whereas dogs are usually more interested in me.  We met this beautiful tabby who was very affectionate with both of us, and let me scratch her ears and give her a good old cuddle.  Funnily enough, she looked a lot like my old cat, and also like M's cat.  We carried on strolling down past all the magnolia in bloom and a big Monkey Puzzle tree down to the railway lines and suddenly we were in town again rather than feeling out in the secluded countryside.  By the time we got back to town the heaving mass of tourists had disappeared, we must have been strolling for at least three hours, I reckon, which is a pretty long stroll even for us.

I exchanged a complimentary goodbye to Mr. M, and then walked home to have some dinner.  It was a about 8.30 by the time I got home and I had a very inspired dinner of a bowl of muesli, courtesy of the communal cupboard. We have a cupboard in the house where all of us put random stuff we're not going to get through or communal stuff like salt and oil.  It is a cupboard of wonder! I suspect this muesli was once Miss H's as she does have muesli type tendencies.  Then I rang my friend Miss M, who was driving on the way down to visit her folks for a few days.  I was her companion on this drive, literally, since we were on the phone for over an hour!  It was well worth it though, she is an absolute gem and we don't talk enough really.  She is also studying to be a naturopath, and is therefore one of the only people I know who is interested in what exactly is happening to my body and in what way this links to my emotions (I'm talking to you, hormones).  She has given me advice several times that has genuinely saved my life.  And also, once, when we used to live together, she put out a fire that I accidentally started on the hob, so she has actually saved my life too.  (For the record, the day before I rescued her after she poured boiling water all over herself, so I think you could say we've got each others backs).  Anyway, it was a lovely phone call and a delightful way to end the day.

Sweet dreams, all of you x

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