Friday, 13 April 2012


Today, one of our long standing residents, who is also on the management team of the Centre, moved out to go up to Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre for a special teacher training course for six months.  After that hopefully he'll be qualified to run his own centre somewhere. It's the end of an era for him, but also for the Centre.  I'll be taking over his duties, and I found another lady to take over the legal and financial stuff hooray! I wish him all the best!

To say that I'm not very good with change is not entirely accurate.  I'm alright at dealing with it, all the more so if I've instigated it, but unexpected changes are....well, unexpected.  We've had so many changes in the house recently, (two long standing residents have moved out, the management team is changing) and we're bound to have some more soon (a new resident is coming in - and he's male, woo), and it just takes me a bit of time to adjust to everything that is happening - not just circumstances, but the shifting tides inside of me as well.

So I'm sorry if my posts seem at all dishevelled over the next few weeks, it's just that sometimes everything needs to break apart for something new to flourish.  And I'm a little bit terrified of the unknown - dealing with something current is definately easier for me than trying not to worry about the future. I know it's just a little bit of fear in the end, and the dust will settle eventually.  Until then, I'm trying to imagine what beautiful possibilities will become real for all of us through all of this.  

In the meantime, we had a lovely going away party for him on Tuesday, many many people came and celebrated with us.  I had no idea you could get that many people in our kitchen! If you were there, thank you very much.  If you weren't, come on over, there's still lots of cake left in the fridge.

Well, who wouldn't want sparkly, glittery cake?!

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