Friday, 30 March 2012

Soup, Glorious Soup!

Yesterday, I had a long day rushing about from one thing to another, including a short visit with my Mum which included lunch at Wagamama, and then ran up the hill for a few hours work. I was delighted when, half an hour before work finished, I got an enthusiastic invite from Miss Middle B to come over and make soup.  She owns the soup book by the Covent Garden Soup Co. which has a soup for every day of the year.  We're both vegetarian so we couldn't make the one for the 29th March, so we settled for the 10th March instead: Pear, Roquefort and Spinach soup.

Pear, Roquefort & Spinach soup

It really is a fantastic colour, while it was cooking I felt as though it might turn out a bit radioactive, but it settled down as soon as it was off the hob.  I was wondering if the pear would be swallowed up somewhat, but it did manage to come through, with the bite of the cheese as the lingering aftertaste. We managed to pilfer some granary bread from her housemate, and it really did the trick.  This is a good soup to mop up.

Action shot!

This is a pretty filling concoction as well - after quite a lot of chatting and a bit of chocolate cake, both of us were pretty stuffed.  It looks like an amazing book, I suspect we will be making more soup together soon.

The End.

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