Friday, 16 March 2012

First Impressions

Ah the joys of internet dating!  I decided to join a site a while back just to meet people, I went on a couple of dates but neither of them worked out.  I did keep hold of one as a friend, and subsequently made friends with his girlfriend Queen of Hearts so in some ways that was really successful! But in the end I decided that internet dating wasn't really for me.  I like to get to know someone without the akward 'will we get together or won't we?' hanging over my head from the get-go.  And while I am picky about some things, I find it difficult to tick boxes about what I like because for me it's all about context.  Anyhow, I had some adventures, but I decided to delete my account because I just wasn't going on to the site much anymore.  Then as I was flicking though my profile I spotted this, which was one of the best first messages I had while I was there.  It's a shame that the ensuing messages weren't up to much, but as introductions go, this was fantastic:

Jun 30, 2009 – 3:32pm
Miss   ---------,

After reading your profile, I decided it is never going to work out between us. Our imaginary relationship is over. It was too much of an emotional roller coaster, filled with arguments (which I won), and exhilarating times. I'll admit I started a lot of those fights for the make up part, but still it wouldn't of lasted. Even though we have lots of things in common, I think it is best if we ughhh... well lest just be friends. 

- --------

P.S. I want the waterbed, TV & New Lamp

What do you think about it all?

Have you ever been internet dating? What's the best introduction you've had?

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