Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Adventures in Vegetables

I was at my little greengrocers and I came across some black and white carrots.... I didn't even know black and white carrots existed! I got so excited that naturally I had to buy some.

Me: 'I went to the greengrocers and I found black and white carrots! BLACK AND WHITE!!!'
Flatmate: (rolls eyes) 'Yeah, you get different coloured carrots.  But when you cook them they still come out orange.'
Me: 'Orange?!?' (I was very disappointed by this).  'They're black and white, why would they turn orange? I mean nothing else turns orange when you cook it.'
Flatmate: 'Well, when people cook themselves on sunbeds, they turn orange.'
Me: 'It's true.  You win.'

Yeah, really.  I don't just make this up, you know.
Anyway, I will update you when I've done something with them and let you know if they actually do turn orange.  Or any other colour.

Also, may I add that it's the same greengrocer that I got the romanesco from.  I'm quite excited to see what I find there next.

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