Sunday, 5 February 2012

Things that make me happy!

In these dark, cold days we all need things that give us back our sparkle and put a spring in our step, here are a few of mine:
Playing in snow
Snowy snowy garden
I love playing in snow! and I also love watching the magpies, robins, blue tits, cats and the squirrels playing too - I can't have all the fun!

People with their own sense of style

This made me so ridiculously delighted! check out more amazing ladies at Advanced Style blog

Reading kids books

Messing around and being silly
This is why I always have a camera on nights out 
Especially with hats.  and friends. and friends with hats. but friends without hats are more than welcome too. I'm not exclusive about my silliness.

Playing with my food
It's art.  No, really.
The sea
Nothing like the sea air to perk you up
Luckily I live by the coast, so it's not too far to get to if I want to have a pensive moment by the sea.  We have plenty of rivers around here and forests and little back roads that I like to walk down if I need some thinking time.

A nice cup of tea
I do like a good cheese board, it's true
There's something about tea that is very soothing and relieves almost every minor stress in my life. Just tea will work wonders but tea with cake is also delightful.  and also cheese. and also curry. yum.

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