Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Little surprises

So as you know, yesterday was Valentine's Day and many a happy couple were out doing romantic type things and buying chocolate and roses for each other, and I was not one of them.  I did have a lovely experience at work as I was wondering past the library, there were people selling cotton roses to raise money for charity.  One lady stopped me and asked if I wanted to buy a rose, and I indicated that I had no-one to buy one for but I gave them some money anyway, and she said 'Oh, well, let this one be from me to you then!' and she gave me a white rose.  I was very touched. It's the small moments in life that lead us to connect with others. After that my day felt a little less mundane and a lot more connected.

I did do something for V Day, I sent gooey texts to my friends and I left my flatmates a chocolate cake and some Love Hearts on the table as a gesture of affection.  As I was taking them out of the packet to scatter delicately on a saucer, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the cute ones, cos you never know when you might need a picture of a Love Heart (see the photo in yesterday's post... can I say I had no idea that taking photos of Love Hearts would be so difficult! Damn you artificial lighting!).  So I was reading them to see what they all said and most of them were pretty predictable - Cute Guy, I Love You, Only You, Sweet Lips, that sort of thing, and I came across one that I was quite surprised by.  Here it is, for your delectation:
Well, I wasn't expecting to have
to say this today....
Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe sometimes you need love and also a reality check?! It did tickle me.

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