Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nearly a Grown Up!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Welcome to the Wonderfully Curious World of Fantastic Mrs. Fox!
I finally decided that I needed a space for my outpouring of randomness, quirkyness and craftyness so here it is. The Blog has begun.

Actually today has been a beautiful day, but also a little bit scary, because.... ta da daaaaa.... I decided to buy a car!  Not a new car obviously, a very very old car, in fact, from a friend of a friend.  It's a 1993 Peugeot, which in car terms is very old, in human terms not so much.  Actually, it probably is, but I remember 1993, so it can't be that long ago.  Really. So the only things standing between me and freeeeeeddddomm is....getting my licence. Only a minor thing then. I already have my theory test and my hazard perception test, so all I need is to pass the practical bit. It is one of my new years resolutions to pass my test at some point soon, and it's coming up, so fingers crossed please (and toes, and other things if you feel the need), I need all the help I can get!
I went to have a look at the car before Christmas with my driving instructor (who is the most patient man in the world) and he showed my lots of interesting things that you should know when buying a car.  Then today Middle B (see her blog here) decided to come with me and test drive it.  We had a wee drive around some back streets and she gallantly declared that she thought I'm a good driver.  I'm not sure this is really honestly true, but thanks very much either way.  The interesting thing about this car is that it has no power steering (so I'll have really strong arms) and the pedals are pretty sensitive (so I stalled a lot, which I hardly ever do) but it's runs well and it's cheap which will do me for a first car.
So hopefully, I'll be zipping about the coast all over the place when I can afford the petrol, hooray!

This is the first step towards becoming a bit responsible!  Only a bit, mind you. You have my word that I will still continue to be incurably silly, I will just do so with the aid of some wheels.
Now all I need to do is pass my test.... yikes! I'll keep you posted.

Happy new year!
Love love x

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