Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Multiple Orange Day

Happy Multiple Orange Day!
This all started with my flatmate, Miss H and her friends when they used to buy big bags of oranges to share between them.  A few key events happened over the orange-sharing and so Multiple Orange day evolved into an actual event.  There is a Multiple Orange Day page, you're welcome to join us. 

The goal of the day is to share citrus fruit with people you love... not exclusive Valentine's Day sort of love, but more extensive, generous, friendly love.  And since oranges have segments they are the perfect sharing type of fruit.  Of course, it doesn't have to be oranges, any citrus fruit will do, so if you're more of a clementine, tangerine, mandarin type of a person that's perfectly fine.  And to be honest, it doesn't have to be today, you can share citrus fruit with your loved ones all year round.  Or even with strangers.  As long as you're spreading the love, it's all good.

oooh, citrusy love

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